Check out why the 2015 Seattle's Best Coffee Planner is worth getting it

Last weekend - November 1, I got the chance to go to Megamall. A usually hyper crowded place due to the recent "H&M Rush" as I personally called it.

One of the highlights of that day was that I got to buy a cold ice-coffee frappe again at Seattle's Best.

One thing's for sure, I'm an iced coffee fanatic, and I try not to be judgmental of which is the worst brand, instead I have my top 5 list. lets just discuss that another time.

Seattle's best is on top of my list!

What I love about Seattle's Best is that their Ice coffee or frappes are very thick in texture, this means they take time making the drink pro and pure. I'm not an expert but their taste is really the best so they must be doing some quality work into their coffee.

What surprised me on this visit is that they now jumped into the drink-sticker & Planner bandwagon. Such an original thing that Starbucks has been known from. but hell yeah its alright. their "Journal" as they call it, has a lot of freebies that comes with it.

Its understandable since Seattle's Best is pricier compared to Starbucks, its seems fair that we get more from their Journal's Freebies. The promo is really enticing, for me; this gives me more reasons to come to Seattle's best more often. Getting their Journal means Im getting a different kind, or an exclusive thing than the ordinary or more saturated Starbucks Planner which everyone now has.

2015 SBC Dream Journal

Branches of  Seattle's Best Coffee Philippines [Click the Pic to Enlarge]

 Their Journal Sticker Coupon "SBC Dream Card"

 SBC JOurnal Promo Mechanics  [Click the Pic to Enlarge]

Seattle's Best Coffee Philippines Drinks and Menu [Click the Pic to Enlarge]