Felicita's – Where to buy Cashews, Nuts, Spices and other Rare Ingredients in Metro Manila

It took me two whole weeks looking for the perfect store where to buy Cashews, Walnuts and Almonds in Metro Manila. Cashew was me and my dad’s favorite type of peanut especially when they are roasted; although you can find Cashews sold at different high-end or even regular department stores, they’re priced quite high so you’ll end up giving up eating cashews.

I searched high and low with great patience and disappointments. You wont find them on wet markets, or at those wholesale department stores, you could search for some baking stores but usually they’re out of stock, priced high or you have to purchase over 1 kilo worth and still is expensive. But then I discovered Felicita’s Store.

Felicita’s Store is as how I suspected,
they are the main source or distributor of peanuts of almost most of the stores in Metro Manila. It is connected with a local agricultural farm that grows peanuts and spices which are rare, although they don’t sell almonds and walnuts, almonds and walnuts can be ordered and they will source it for you. if you have ever seen those vendors with wooden carts cooking various types of peanuts those might have came from this store.

My favorite purchase from them is Cashews or (Kasoy, Kasuy), and with Cashews they have it in 3 varieties – Raw, Roasted, Roasted & Salted. Roasted is the most tastiest and delicious, you can order it by any weight-size you want. I personally purchase by 1 kilo per month and we eat it at home or make Sansrival or Brownies with it. I personally love to eat any ice-cream and eat tons of cashews per scoop. #moughtwatering.

Not only do they sell various types of peanuts, they also sell spices such as stypes of pepper, chilli powders, Atzuete, Beans like Soya beans, Mongo Beans, Mung Beans, Black beans and lots of stuff. Sorry for my images but I went there to take these pictures after dark already and I didn’t take their price list because night time is rush hour for them already plus their price seems to change depending on the season’s harvest if it was good or harsh.

Look! they also sell types of pasta/noodles by small or large quantities. the white sacks above are various types of Grains such as Oats, Whole Grains, Great Grains.

What Experience to Expect at Felicita’s Store
The Store is really small and crowded with peanuts, rice sacks and spices. If you are 6 feet tall you’re going to need to crouch your head because they have a lot of hanging coffee sachets, milk sachets of various brands which they might had whole-sale-purchased from it’s factories, I suspect they don’t really allow their customers to come in, but I always come in anyhow to look around and see what else they got, their nice people really. 

Their service is good because they have like 5 people waiting to service you; I imagine they’re really doing well in business to have 5 service people in such a small store. So this is why you’ll get 1 item you want weighed and stuffed in a plastic bag only within 10 seconds, that's because people do buy by-bundles from them in large and small re-packed quantities. My only problem with them is their stocks because various items they offer are rare so they tend to be sold out and may take some time to restock. specially cashews 8.(

updated more pics:

Thanks to the owner for letting me take pictures.