A trip to Japan Home Center ~ Where to Find Rare 2nd hand Items in Metro Manila

In 2002, E-Bay Pulled out of Japan for a reason. The big picture is – Its not in the Japanese culture to buy items 2nd hand. In fact they value quality and are hyper vigilant on their item’s depreciation value and quickly replace their equipment with more value-returning assets. This culture of theirs; gets them to junk valuable items mostly around 3-5 years, and no body re-purchase them ever again in their country. which makes us really happy as we Filipinos love 2nd hand and slightly used items, we even treasure them and feel proud about them which even helps us glorify the success of as an example.

One man's trash is another man's treasure

I stumbled over Japan Home Center's warehouse in Quezon Avenue by accident. While commuting, the public utility vehicle I rode went pass Araneta Ave and took the underpass which led me to Sto. Domingo Church, a block away from where I was supposed to get off. I wasn’t surprise for what had happened given that I saw the driver to had looked like 60+ years old and could probably have problems in hearing.

I got curious of this mysterious place while walking between Sto. Domingo Church and Araneta Ave along Quezon Avenue. This place looks like a warehouse of various furniture. Dark, closed and it looked private, but it didn’t kept me from walking in and looking around as I love table lamps and I saw beautiful lamps out on their windows.

To my surprise I found tons of rare items inside their warehouse. Items we won’t even ever see in Green Hills, Raon, Divisoria or even in antique shops and this place really looks like a hoarding place of the stuffs from the 90’s. Just check out some pics of rare items I have found.

Most items are valued by it's current market value; less 30% to 80% of it's store value depending on it's quality and usability.

I think this is the only store in Metro Manila that sells a Super Nes that is still working. this is a classic and very hard to find piece right now. almost like a collectors item of game consoles already

Upright Electric Piano / Organs worth half priced brand new models today

Appliances, Microwaves and Ovens, They even have Baking ovens with Stoves

2nd hand bowling balls and shoes

Pretty decent slightly used Dinning Tables and Bed Frames

Office Leather Chairs at half priced brand new ones.

Old Printer Models & Scanners, Fax machines all working, or for parts

High End branded Stereo Component Sets

Exercise Equipments

Good quality slightly used, furniture, Sofas and Sala Sets

Leather Sofas at half priced from our brand new ones in department stores

Poker / Cards / Mahjong Table haha!

It takes a pianist to spot a good quality piano, and Japanese pianos are from really good materials and classic furnishing!

they have tons of Manga - Comics Collection, Impossible to be not complete Sets

Scary Sea of pots, they don't use plates in Japan that is why there's a lot here.

Familiar? Some Yuyu Hakusho Comics

just an example of their pricing. I know these tables are 8k to 13k in furniture and office stores, they are selling these at 5k each; some have minor scratches but what the heck, cover them with your work stuff then!

Hard to find original games PS1

Play Station 2 Original Games - Japan

Some items they sell are defective, like some tape players are not working but if you want a durable FM component these are really cheap from around P1k

They have rare and hard to find Japanese robot toys, but half priced since they are 2nd hand

Japanese Loves to golf, their golf bags and clubs are so cheap and in sets here. and BTW almost 30% of golf courses in the PH have at least Japanese minority ownership, that's how much they love to golf.

Where else can you find a working PS1 in metro manila? yes its now rare but they have it here for sale

Disposable and de - Film cameras, some of the items here are CD players and Tape Player Walkmans and sound recorders.

Most of their stuffs are appliances and office equipments that are slightly used but half the price or even below half of how much they are priced in department stores, but also take in mind the value of using 2nd hand and brand new. Buying brand new will still give you a long way, and 2nd hand items are mostly defective items that could have only been re-paired for re-selling.