Inside City Club Makati Alphaland

You are in for a treat.

I'm not in liberty or authorized to discuss rates or how to avail a membership in this super high-end facility. Makati City Club is for "Members only" and to be a member requires $$$ Money!

Makati City Club claims that their facility's rates are competitive than any other venues in Makati City, in the first place; I was in their facility as an invited guest for a corporate meeting with one of their member who rented one of their conference rooms. Their rooms are bigger but their charging rate is lower than of Makati Sport's Club.

This is Alphaland's Makati City Club's Plans. As published in their sales kits.

The City Club is quiet and is a perfect place to discuss private business. If you are a member, you may use these Lounge facilities and their fast Internet anytime for free. 

Teddy's Bigger Burgers in Shangrila Plaza Mall

Teddy's Bigger Burger
We were supposed to watch a movie at Shangrila but we didnt make it in time, so for us office AD Executive yuppies who chose to try out new restaurants in Shangrila, we tried out this new Burger Joint ( Teddy's Bigger Burgers ) that gave out a very Beach Summer Hawaiian vibe with all it's surfboards and LED tvs showing beach time and surfing.

Teddy's Bigger Burger Shangrila Mall

Shangrila Plaza Mall

Teddy's Burgers Ortigas

The place looks amazing and spacious.

Its a self served place with a counter, they don't take your order on the table but they are courteous enough to help you pick out what you might want to order at the counter. Here's a sample display at their counter to help you decide on which burger could be the perfect one for you.

Teddy's Bigger Burger Meat ChoicesTeddy's Bigger Burger Patty Sizes

Easy to make (Microwave only) Chocolate Cake

Another project we did in the office during our free time (Lunch and coffee break), we decided to make a cake using only the microwave.

Our recipe for making this project are from various recipe websites that teach readers how to make Mug Cakes. Mug cakes are cake baked using just a microwave oven.

Here's The Ingredients
1. Flour (4 spoons)
2. Sugar (2 Spoons)
3. Cocoa Powder (2 Spoons)
4. Milk (6 Spoons)
5. Oil (2 Spoons)
6. Eggs ( 2 Eggs)

Others (optional):
Nuts (Any)
Chocolate Bars (Any kind)

Step 1: Mix the Cocoa Powder and the Flour

Check out why the 2015 Seattle's Best Coffee Planner is worth getting it

Last weekend - November 1, I got the chance to go to Megamall. A usually hyper crowded place due to the recent "H&M Rush" as I personally called it.

One of the highlights of that day was that I got to buy a cold ice-coffee frappe again at Seattle's Best.

One thing's for sure, I'm an iced coffee fanatic, and I try not to be judgmental of which is the worst brand, instead I have my top 5 list. lets just discuss that another time.

Seattle's best is on top of my list!

What I love about Seattle's Best is that their Ice coffee or frappes are very thick in texture, this means they take time making the drink pro and pure. I'm not an expert but their taste is really the best so they must be doing some quality work into their coffee.

What surprised me on this visit is that they now jumped into the drink-sticker & Planner bandwagon. Such an original thing that Starbucks has been known from. but hell yeah its alright. their "Journal" as they call it, has a lot of freebies that comes with it.

Keeping the Fish Alive [Office Project] Mango Graham Cake

At one of my previous workplace which operated a local customer service  operations the attrition rate was rated "high" as the average pay grade was not as competitive as other established centers although the job gets as stressful as it does. Because of this, the management injected a Program to address these problems.

 The Fish Philosophy as it is titled – has 4 important principles within it.

Play ~ Have fun while working, make work more fun and bearable
Be There ~ connect with people, contribute and aknowledge others.
Make Their Day ~ Make people's day - greet them well, do or tell them something funny.
Choose Your Attitude ~ choose to be positive and understanding of other's feelings.

A big thanks to the management of that company for passing on this knowledge as I now am continuing to apply it in my further professional experience, I find it as a very helpful principle to convince co-peer employees across various positions to stay at their jobs and making the most dreadful things at work bearable for them.

One fun activity we’ve made is as how we call it an “Office Ref Cake”. Mango Graham Cake. Its pretty fast and easy to do considering no baking or cooking is needed, you just have to mix the ingredients together and poof! Enjoy the dessert.

Here are the Ingredients:
All Purpose Cream 4x250ml
Condense Milk 2xLargeCans
2 Kilos of Sweet mango

This is equals to 3 liters,
you may want to do this in 2x 1.5 liters containers just like what we’ve used.

Friday night we coordinated which materials each will bring and to come early at 8am in the office to finish just in time for our Monday morning 9am work.

Long Bar @ Raffles Makati ~ Experience The Real Bar

In today's Millennial's terminologies, when we say "lets go to a bar" we instantly think of Super Clubs such as the Famous Republiq, The Hyve, Icon, or the likes. Dancing to rave like music may it be Trance, Electronic Dance Music or House. The term "Club" in the PH has a negative image as a "Club" in tagalog is identified as also a "beer house"... need I to explain further? [Level Pegasus & ClassMates].

However as I do research on the term "Bar" I seem to get a consistent conclusion that the term was coined from European origin which is described as an establishment which serves liquor. In image mode of search engines this is what a bar typically looks like.

I was lucky enough to be invited to check out this establishment in Raffles Hotel Makati called the "Long Bar". Im not a hard drinker and also not a food blogger but I instantly took pictures of the place as it looks so good and I really loved the place that I wanna come here as often as I can which I decided from the first 5 minutes I stepped in to the establishment.

Again; Im not a foodie or lifestyle blogger so Im just gonna post some pictures of The Long Bar, Just an insight as a customer of the establishment, I really love their staff! their bar tenders are super friendly and such professional bar tenders gauging what we feel about the food and drinks, suggesting us drinks and food [up-selling in a nice way] and ultimately engaging with customers as to how was our day, we're gonna put this in your drink because... it add flavors for example... or just simply entertaining us on how they prepare drinks and other certain orders.

Raffles Hotel Makati's Lobby