Easy to make (Microwave only) Chocolate Cake

Another project we did in the office during our free time (Lunch and coffee break), we decided to make a cake using only the microwave.

Our recipe for making this project are from various recipe websites that teach readers how to make Mug Cakes. Mug cakes are cake baked using just a microwave oven.

Here's The Ingredients
1. Flour (4 spoons)
2. Sugar (2 Spoons)
3. Cocoa Powder (2 Spoons)
4. Milk (6 Spoons)
5. Oil (2 Spoons)
6. Eggs ( 2 Eggs)

Others (optional):
Nuts (Any)
Chocolate Bars (Any kind)

Step 1: Mix the Cocoa Powder and the Flour

Step 2: Prepare the Eggs and Oil

Step 3: Combine the Powders and the Egg with Oil

Step 4: Mix the Powder for 1 minute, and then add the milk

Mix properly for 1-2 minutes

Add Marshmallow for added Flavor and appeal

Set the Microwave for 3 Minutes

Watch how the cake rises higher inside the mug

If you're not contented with 3 minutes re-heat it for another minute

You may add other decoratives.

 Eating with office-mates is a happy treat. :)