Keeping the Fish Alive [Office Project] Mango Graham Cake

At one of my previous workplace which operated a local customer service  operations the attrition rate was rated "high" as the average pay grade was not as competitive as other established centers although the job gets as stressful as it does. Because of this, the management injected a Program to address these problems.

 The Fish Philosophy as it is titled – has 4 important principles within it.

Play ~ Have fun while working, make work more fun and bearable
Be There ~ connect with people, contribute and aknowledge others.
Make Their Day ~ Make people's day - greet them well, do or tell them something funny.
Choose Your Attitude ~ choose to be positive and understanding of other's feelings.

A big thanks to the management of that company for passing on this knowledge as I now am continuing to apply it in my further professional experience, I find it as a very helpful principle to convince co-peer employees across various positions to stay at their jobs and making the most dreadful things at work bearable for them.

One fun activity we’ve made is as how we call it an “Office Ref Cake”. Mango Graham Cake. Its pretty fast and easy to do considering no baking or cooking is needed, you just have to mix the ingredients together and poof! Enjoy the dessert.

Here are the Ingredients:
All Purpose Cream 4x250ml
Condense Milk 2xLargeCans
2 Kilos of Sweet mango

This is equals to 3 liters,
you may want to do this in 2x 1.5 liters containers just like what we’ve used.

Friday night we coordinated which materials each will bring and to come early at 8am in the office to finish just in time for our Monday morning 9am work.

To make crushed grahams, you may use something like this heavy scotch tape holder for pulverizing. 

Mixing the Milk and Cream is the hardest part, taking turns is good so you can get a thicker battered result for your cream.

Once mixing is done its now time to lay down the graham crackers.

Cover an office mate's mouth if he's too noisy so not to contaminate the project.
Build per teams to enjoy customized look and compete with each other's designs

Finish the top with the crushed graham crackers.

Refrigerate and enjoy!!
 the team would be happy and excited for their desserts for the next days to come :)

Little Tokyo: Accomplished
Mango Graham Cake: Accomplished
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A day at the Firing Range
Road Trip - out of town.
A Food-Trip to Maginhawa Q.C.