Alternative buys; What to buy cheaper in Manila.

If you only have one budget, one chance to buy something, don’t you think  you want to opt for the same item that does the same things but a lot less cheaper? CDR-King would be the brand ambassador for that as their products are all 100% made in China have really found ways to lower the prices extensively, however, quality is also important to some people but for most Filipinos, top of mind for decision making is price and this article will help you learn a thing or two about alternatives on interesting things to buy instead in Metro Manila.

1.    Ridiculous Earplugs.
As baffling as it may sound why I chose to feature earplugs, you might not fancy these things but earplugs can actually help you clear your head up,  concentrate on your work three times better, helps you sleep faster, and if you’re commuting – protects you from noise pollution and increases your concentration for level of awareness. Some experts say that using earplugs when commuting also keeps you more fit as you will be more focused on balancing your body and heightening your level of awareness.

2.    Cheapo Flashlights
Flashlights are now everywhere, those Everything 88, 99, 100, Vente stores now sells flashlights more conveniently. Supermarkets used to always have them beside cashiers, now even hardware stores practice this. Here’s an example of Handy man’s flashlight that only costs P195. Seems pretty cheap for a flashlight but that doesn’t include the battery yet which you have to replace every time it drains. A good alternative to this is 168’s P60 white Cree rechargeable flashlights. It’s damn right cheap, China has done it again, for only P60 you’ll get a C2 cree flashlight which means it’s military grade, bright and really reliable, I’ve bought one and used it aprox 5 mins a day I haven’t charged it for 1 month yet it’s still bright.

3.    Micro SD
Have you heard of Micro SDs, Memory Stick Pro Duo, MMC Cards, Micro M2 and other SD Cards just died and doesn’t work? That’s actually really rare, since SD cards doesn’t house power and are only a "read only" device they don’t really break easily so my recommendation? Damn right – turn to CDR-King. I figured that all CDR king branches doesn’t have most products, stocks and prices the same. The Micro SD that Im showing now was what I bought from SM North just for P500. I went to CDR’s Q Ave Centris branch and saw this product priced at P650, I thought I got lucky but wait till I saw this item on Trinoma’s 2nd level branch, it was only priced at P450. So as I have mentioned buying SD cards at CDR-king is practically ok because SD cards doesn’t really brick.

4.    Comfy Shoes
Sanuk is now everywhere, Im not really sure if it’s really comfortable or their marketing and distribution are really just good but they really look comfy and durable to wear. But look at the tagprice P3490. Even if they offer a 20% discount on a sale day it’s still expensive.

My alternative; get a Happy Feet. Happy feet  shoes has the same weight, same concept as of a comfy shoes and it’s price is really so so… they usually give out buy one take one for shoes that are within the P1,400 price range of their selected models, but my favorite is the dark rubber-under models. They’re really comfy and durable, I wore mine for 3 years and it’s still alive. 

5.    Ordering a drink
When you dine in to a Japanese or Chinese restaurant, instead of ordering an iced tea, soft drinks or any other drinks in their menu, ask first if they have “House Tea”.

House tea is like the secret code or password to get a free drink in Authentic Chinese restaurants, if they don’t  have house teas; customers gets offended and doesn’t consider them as an authentic Chinese restaurant, so house teas are also inevitable for Chinese restaurants.

About house teas – if you have grease in your hands and you only have water to wash it, water doesn’t do the trick, Tea however takes the oil in our mouth and dries the mouth. Chinese restaurants usually serve oily dishes and dishes high in vinegar content, like the sweet and sour dish, drinking tea sooths the mouth helping people to taste and appreciate other dishes accurately

6.    Choosing an Eye Wear
Oakley is really the most well known brand out there, it’s really made with high tech lenses and is made out of really new materials, if you happen to buy shades that is worth P8,000 you’ll feel really amazing. But be further amazed with the brand from HK which is “Spyder”. This brand offers the most affordable polarized sunglasses as you can see with my featured picture the polarized glass of Spyder is showing invisible marks on the test panel. You see; Oakley cannot do this, as much as P8,000 can buy you prestige, a P900 version of Oakley’s slightly same model gives you more technology in just %10 of the price.

Polarized technology of Spyder lets any surface that reflects light subtract reflection and lets you see the surface naturally, with this effect you can see most insides of a car, buildings, and even fishes swimming in the blue sea.

It’s been a great adventure and I hope to hear great responses from my readers, any other cheapo suggestions will be appreciated too. Thank you! 8)