J.Co Philippines Sets Store and Phone Order Limits

In line with J.Co Philippines’ store improvements. The Phone ordering system they started helped out not only to increase their sales figures but also decrease the waiting time for customers to get to the counter to order.

J.CO now sets order limits

1 Person can now only order a maximum of 10 dozens of donuts.
This policy helps them to put a limit on customer’s minds that they can only order 10 boxes to avoid impulse buying.

On the contrary… but if you can bring a companion he too can order 10 boxes on his own and hand them over to you; a good technique they’re not strict in detecting about.  Also, if you really need to order like 11, 12 boxes or so, you might wanna ask the store manager if they can. especially when you come in to the store early around morning to early noon.

Phone Ordering Protocols

First you need to find the branch closes to you, J.Co doesn’t have a unified phone order system yet. Ordering thru phone gives you only a limit of 4 boxes per day. But call them from time to time to confirm if they can break and allow this rule since I really think it’s for both party’s best interest.

At the mean time J.Co can only allocate X-number of donuts per day for phone order and store pick ups (per branch), which is more or less around 100 dozens per store. So imagine.. one branch is already fully booked for Feb 14, 30 days before the event. This is their only production capacity allocation for phone order pick up per branch so that’s why sometimes when you phone order, the store will already book you to - can only pick up your orders one or up to three days from when you called in because the phone order allocations are already sold out.

10+ New Branches opening this year

J.Co is planning to open stores within Metro Manila’s Mall, Residential & Business Districts, and what’s everyone's asking and waiting for – Provincially. Yes J.Co is planning to open in various locations within the Philippines especially in emerging cities. Please Suggest cities. most suggestions might get a J.Co branch there hehe.

J.CO Philipine Branches and Phone Numbers
Megamall - 385 34 88
Mall of Asia - 823 96 27 // 823 93 52
Greenbelt 3 - 621 62 93 // 720 26 41
Trinoma - 621 55 76 // 718 34 61
Fairview - 376 70 56 // 376 70 57
Alabang Town Center - 403 00 49 // 511 05 40
Eastwood - 570 36 12 // 570 36 60