Ramen X = Happy Soup

Ramen X Trinoma Branch - Their First Branch -  2nd Level outdoor fountain wing.

Ramen X Serves Delicious Authentic Japanese Ramens. Their noodle soup flavors are really really good, tasty and delicious. they also serve well within 10-15 minutes. here is their Ramen X Menu
Menu Availability and Pricing are subject to change without prior notice from RamenX Management

I love their milk tea, it's not too sweet, it's just right. but my gad! their Gyoza dumpling is alright but their sauce is uber salty! hope they can improve on that.

Hmm... when I held their soup spoon the handle reads Brand Name and then.. MELAMINE I don't really know what to think but... bwhahaha!

My hand is approximately 6 inches long. just measure the hand to bowl ratio. their bowl is really big. their serving is not too much and not to small. just try out some of their drinks and side dishes and appetizers to complete your meal. also next time I'll try their rice meals because I use to love Gyudons and order extra raw eggs on it.

Asside from Trinoma Mall Branch. Ramen X will be opening on the following branches this 2013
  1. Alabang Town Center (Opening March)
  2. Centris Mall (Opening April)
  3. Lucky Chinatown Mall (Opening April)