Burger King Ortigas – Diner Dashing it’s Flash Services

Looks might be deceiving – Burger King Emerald Avenue may look like a squeaky small store with a large que on their hand to discourage you, [BUT] they actually serve way ok than other fast-food chains in the turf.

BK Has Long Lines around lunch time but I got my Burger within 15mins. Not bad for a line this long.
And believe me when I say it. Because I've been working in Ortigas’ busy business district for years now and I had tried almost all food outlets within the area and some outlets really takes up most of your lunch break's time.

Burger King has 2 of this machine – multiple vertical beef cooker – one pan I’ve seen can cook 6 beef patties at the same time. The different compartments are to cook different burger beef variants on their menu. Bacons, mushroom and others are also cooked here. They have 2 of this vertical cooking machines and one machine is back to back; which means the back of this machine has similar cooking compartments.

Since their store is small and lacks space to cook multiple burgers in their kitchen, they designed and used vertical cooking machines which saves them space and also cooks fast for them.

The buns comes first followed by the person packing the burgers. The ingredients are in front of them in order. which makes the process idiot proof and absolutely fast like a manufaturing/production line.

Their Patty Maker releases at least 1 heated and ready to eat bread set buns per minute. And since the store is small, they only have one line for customers to fall in, but has 2 cashiers. Staffs and managers takes pre orders from customers who are lining up for them not to lose hope which is a very effective strategy they can absolutely use given they serve orders fast.

Over all I was pleased with their Operations Management, Perfect Flow of "Line of Production", Facility Layout / Process and Service design. To a child this may look like a very good game of setting up Diner-Dash (The Video Game) but in an Operations Management’s Point of view – their effort is an absolute music to the ears.

The branch can see that they cant serve all their customers with seats with their current store's size, but they at least focused on their Services to gain their customer's hearts.