Fast and the Furious 6 List of Cars

Between the hot cars and action sequence, here's a trailer that sums up the story around The Fast and the Furious 6.

In various Fast and the Furious Six Trailers here are the cars that are featured:
please take note that some car models look alike so it could either be one of the mentioned.

  • Dodge Charger Classic
  • Nissan GTR
  • Dodge Challenger SRT-8
  • Mustang Cobra GT
  • Ford Mustang 60's
  • Alfa Romeo Brera or Giulietta
  • Koenigsegg CCX
  • BMW M3
  • Subaru Imprezza STI
  • Ferrari F-430
  • Plymouth SuperBird; or if not = Classic Charger
  • Dodge Charger or Interceptor
  • Ferrari Enzo or FXX

Fast and the Furious 6 opens in theaters May 2013.