CDR-King SD Card TDK Brand - worst memory card brand!

I just want to share it to everyone that the TDK brand is a big disappointment. As much as possible don’t buy memory cards of this brand. If it’s the only brand available or if it was given to you as a gift then maybe you can live with it. Here’s my bad experience about the brand.

First of all, I blogged out before that card readers, may it be original or class A or whatever, usb-flash disks, SD cards, micro SDs and the likes never dies or breaks down because it has no internal power and they're just sitting in down on our devices quietly. Not unless the unit corroded or caused the card to deteriorate which what happened before when I often remove memory stick pros in my PSP.

But I guess this brand TDK serves that theory of mine wrong. And I’m really mad right now because I bought a 32gb card from this brand. Which now I need to buy again. #expensive. And FYI, I’am using a 16gb micro SD on my Samsung phone that is a CD-R-King brand (Cheap china/clone brand), And I’am just surprised that the CD-R-king brand is better than this TDK piece of crap, please.. I’am discouraging you to buy this brand.

Also when I was researching about SD cards, canon gave me a 2GB Kingston card which what I learned is one of the most recommended brands. At first I thought my videocam was defective and I had already taken steps to locate the Canon warranty service center office in Manila and prepared myself to schedule one day to drop by their office. But when I tried out the Kingston card they gave me, the camera detected the card consistently. Hai…
Also what made me agry (different matter) was that canon was promoting to giveaway 4gb of SD cards but when they sold this camera to us they only gave me 2GB FFFFFuuuuU!

The 32gb sd card is not being detected by my laptop and pc. so what am I gonna do with it now? any suggestions? 8) thanks for reading. Philippines

 FYI to those who where asking. Canon Philippine's warranty service center is at:

Eton Service Center: Upper Ground Floor, ETON Cyberpod Corinthian.
Ortigas Avenue corner EDSA, Quezon City

Monday - Saturday; 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Tel. No: (632) 884-9000
They Service Videocams, Digicams, SLRs DSLR, Accessories and Canon equipment