Rudy Project Give it a TRI 2012

Here’s the review of the event last Sunday October 7, 2012. At Nuvali Republic Wake Park Laguna. I got to try out my new Canon VIXIA HF R300 but I still need to buy a bigger battery, so for now I only got to shoot short videos of the event. A lot of celebrities participated and watched the event and a lot of familiar faces in the Multisport Philippine community joined as well.

Change the quality settings to 480p for a clearer view 8( youtube!!! ffffuu!!

Aside from getting to join a Triathlon, Rudy Project is also giving away a limited edition Sports Eyewear, over 500 individuals had registered and participated in the event.

1st time in the country – The Excuse
A lot of people are buzzing negative feedbacks after the event because the event organizers had promised a Triathlon event; but the venue was having trouble getting their man-made lake ready for the event, and so for safety purposes the event just only became a Duathlon. Shades>>

 The show must go on as they say.. A few backed out and demands to refund what they had paid for, but most just really went with it…

Strike 2!!!
Rudy Project had announced to be giving away limited edition sports eyewear which what everyone was expecting to get. To the participant’s dismay everyone only got a standard issue mid-ranged Rudy Project sports sunglass which they claim; you can wear it already or just hold on to it.. don’t use it until the limited edition stocks arrive and you can have the shades traded.

Strike 3!!!
One of the most important thing that a multi-sport organizer should secure is the safety of the event. Participants are upset on the fact that the marshals of the sport are disorganized themselves, although there were no major bike crashes and injuries, a lot of people got pretty scared on the dismounting area wherein the "Dismount" signs are not too obvious to participants. The marshals do whistle for participants to dismount, but for participants; marshals should had been screaming “Slow down!” & “Dismount!” when they where already noticing that the bikers are still speeding in the dismounting area, or where they really trained to notice these things? 8)

Another thing is that the hydration support of the event is partially unreliable, something all multisport participants are relying on organizers to do. Some runners got to pass the hydration tent camps without getting any water 8(. Tsk tsk tsk.

Race distances: 900M Swim, 30km Bike, 8km Run

Individual ( Male & Female)

Male: 16-19 yrs, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50 & above
Female: 16-19 yrs, 20-29, 30-39, 40 & above

Included in the video ~ Birds, “Josh Sin” the Side Kick, Maricel Laxa, Anthony Pangilinan, Gab Valenciano, Dianne Castillejo, Nikki Gil and Billy Crawford, Drew Arellano and Iya Villania yeehee!, Kuya Kim, Yvan Mayrina, Familiar faces in the Multi Sport Universe here in the Philippines like Monica and Jojo Macalintal, beautiful women running and biking, various teams and individuals who had participated the event.

Sorry for some of my shaky hands shots! I’m just really excited to shoot my 5day old cam. And yes that’s me shaking Mateo’s Hand at 0:23 Thanks to T-Shirt ni Juan for that shirt I’am wearing! (Philippine Flag in Sparkly Glitters). Check out their awesome and affordable T-Shirt designs here!!!

Hope you enjoyed my video! I’m living on Sexy Dolphin!

Song Title: Sweet Nothing ~ by Calvin Harris Ft. Florence and the Machine

Also thank you to Mr. Val De Leon Jr (Yongsky) Head and Founder of Running Photographers Philippines ~ for the great High Definition shots of the event’s participants. Please visit their website at and their FB page for more pictures.

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Also pahabol lang sa vid... you guys might also be interested to join this event 8)