Pictures of Chinese Cemetery 2012

Chinese cemetery is known to be 2nd of the oldest cemetery in Manila. History and novels such as Noli Me Tangere gives us a depiction on the cemetery back in its former glory days. In Noli – which is dated around the early 1800's; during this era, Chinese individuals had already been known to be “clever” when it comes to business, not a lot of people wanted to trust Chinese businessmen back then. The word “intsik” was actually a negative name-calling brand towards unfair Chinese businessmen. 

In the novel of Noli Me Tangere, “Libingan ng mga Instik” which actually translates to Chinese Cemetery had two sides to it, an inhumane side written about the place in which criminals of that era where salvaged and their bodies dumped within the river-swamp of the cemetery’s undeveloped portion. On the other hand some characters of the novel that were educated and had status in life where also given proper burial in this cemetery.

Through the course of time Chinese cemetery had become a premier cemetery. Apolinario Mabini was initially buried here before he was transferred to his province – Batangas. Dee Cheng Chuan founder of Chinabank and Ma Mon Luk’s founder are among the famous Chinese who rests in Chinese Cemetery.

Gargoyles guard a mauseleum unit
Chinese cemetery is built like a maze, only devoted relatives can actually not get lost and find their units easily.
The Ruby Tower Memorial Shrine seen from afar
Thy Grandfather's Tomb
Plants grow robustly without limitations at the cemetery

A plant make's its way from the floor up to the roof

A yearly tradition; we give our offerings and prayers to our deceased and honor their memories. Burning of incense candles and uttering a prayer for our ancestors as so may the incence reach heaven for them to hear our prayers.
We fold special paper with golden foils representing money and burn them in volumes as an offering of prosperity to our ancestors for their happiness in the afterlife.
The Chineses believes that if the ancestors are honored and are offered offerings during anniversaries, prosperity and luck will come in return.

 A nearby quadrangle commemorates the heroes of the war.

 The Chinese Cemetery's Crematory

 Pictures inside the crematory


  Chinese Cemetery's Buddhist Temple