Tender Bob’s Half Pound Burger

Last weekend we ate at Tender Bob’s, everyone knows that their steak and ribs are awesome, but I want to know how are their burgers are.

Since Tender Bob is an A, B class restaurant, it’s price is higher compared to majority of the restaurants we see every day, that’s why it’s not really a known place to eat burger as you can get great tasting burgers on more affordable burger joints.

 Tender Bob did not disappoint. I ordered their half Lb. Burger with cheese, options of fries or onion rings are available as side dish. I ordered onion rings so I got 10 big onion rings as my side dish which Is awesomely crispy even if you eat it past 30 minutes.

At the end of my meal I felt so full, I can’t finish 4 more onion rings on my side dish as the burger is really big (double meat patty). What’s more impressive is their onions are large “white onions” which is not to strong and not too light for its flavorful spice.

For its price, meal size, delicious taste. I give Tender Bob a rating of 7.5/10 which means I’ll be happy to come back any given payday.

I really think they have a good price on their Meat Platter & Seafood Platter Meals . For 3 or 4 persons this will be a great feast.

thanks for reading! 8)

photo credits: platter