Interview with “T-Shirt ni Juan’s” CEO ~ Read and Win a Free T-Shirt!!!

Last Saturday Sept 8, I was invited by our MBA professor Dr. Emil Hudtohan and her wife Ma’m Perl to have coffee at the ground floor of their condo and meet some of her friends. So then I met the owner of the business T-Shirt ni Juan of Mr. Ronald (Ron) Eslabon to whom I was surprise to look very young to be the CEO of a company, but true enough he was! And his business seems to be doing pretty well.
Graduated from Accountancy at Sta. Rosa College of Business and Computer in 2003, he later took on corporate jobs and found it boring and was unsatisfied. He later picked up his younger brother’s college thesis which was the pinoy T-shirt concept of today’s T-shirt ni Juan, which was originally “Juan Tamad T-Shirts” and tried applying it as a part-time business. And true enough it went really successful.

Juan Tamad was later corrected by Ron as he by chance stumbled on a Fung Shui Master who advised him that the negativity of "Juan Tamad" has no escape of heading towards only downwards, so he later changed it to Juan De La Cruz T-Shirts – as the typical everyday Filipino name known to all.

When asked what is the difference with other brands; he replied:
Ron: Other brands who are in the same industry segment as our brand are now becoming less reasonable or affordable to Filipinos. Some has mixed up and are losing their brand identity. I want the people to think when they ask “where can I buy Pinoy shirts?” and then would strongly recall “T-Shirt ni Juan” as their strongest choice.

Does T-Shirt ni Juan do Personalized Shirts?
Ron: personalizing shirts is not our business; you don’t come to us and have whatever you want printed, we have our own brand and designs, we only customize our shirts, meaning we only offer our designs in various colors, but people can send us designs and ideas and we can print them and sell them to the open market.

Unique Localized Design

 For me the Trabaho ni Juan designs are the best ideas next to the Iskul ni Juan shirts. Because they show unique Filipino themes. I guess foreigners will never get the idea of the shirt at first glance which makes me feel more exclusive to be a Filipino, also the Trabaho shirts lets people identify you that you are a Filipino with your profession that you love with the idea of you’re working in the PH, the word on your shirt is in Tagalog so you must really love our country too. 

Win a Free T-Shirt ni Juan Limited Edition T-Shirt !!!
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Good Luck to all !!!