Alaska IronKids Aquathlon Ateneo Campus

May 19, 2013. The venue was held at Ateneo De Manila Grade School Campus. Here’s a compiled video I took of the event. It was quite hard to take good videos and pictures during the event because the venue was small and the marshals where. Haiz!

Anyways thanks to Professional large scale photo & video services & event management company “Photo Ops” please visit their FB page at [] –  for more pictures and their events photography services. I used most of their pictures as they are the clearest when uploaded.

Also special thanks to SME Interactive Web Solutions Philippines ~ please visit for the event’s official website. They also have more pictures on their website. Again thanks for the 2 companies for uploading the pictures very quickly. Just 1 day after the event. Nice! And also thank you for allowing me to use them on my video.

The kids are just so young and cute and they’re already unbelievable. Over 300 participants attendant the event. Hopefully the younger generation gets inspired to go into multi-sports rather than being busy on their social media accounts, games and gadget devices. 

Just enjoy the vid!

for a better video quality ~ change the video settings to at least 360p to 480p 

I'll update this page for the next event's venue. thanks!

to Kim ~ who asked in in Facebook what this song is - it's my own mix of 2 songs because youtube removed my previous vid IronKids-UP-Run which was copy-righted.

Title: Don't you worry / If I lose myself tonight - by "One Republic"

and yes I'll upload a downloadable copy of the vid and the song. thanks for asking 8) 

(clearer) download the video here - []