Salcedo Park Weekend Market

After being dismissed early for our 8am – 12nn Saturday morning MBA Class at FEU Makati, my classmates and I, Daryl, Clarisse, Doris, Jen and Sheena got together talking about answers of our Marketing management midterm exam. It was around 10:30 am and we have decided to eat elsewhere around the area. We ate at Max’s CVG and later decided to go to Salcedo Park for the food Market.

I miss-calculated that we were going to make it from Ayala to Salcedo park in 5-10 minutes because that’ how I walk; (City walking – consistent moderate pace). With the pace of our classmate’s walk which was a leisure walking; walking after eating pace, and considering majority where women, we did about 20 -25 minutes of walking, not to mention it was 11am in broad mid-daylight.

We we’re horribly sweating but we at least reached the sanctuary of the park’s enormous tree shades after our 20 minutes’ walk. Mixed emotions were what we felt – Doris and I felt “sayang!” we should have ate here! Our P200 would have gone a long way eating here. Others wanted to eat too, others just wanted to rest after the long walk.

Me I felt really excited and amazed. I have been to this weekend market a few years ago but the food where not as how it is today. The food available now are more awesome and the food market I think got bigger!

To those who are personally asking me where the park is located and how to get there, I have updated this post and included a map and an easy way route how to get there. you can take a walk (5-10mins) walk to get to the park, or take a jeep which also applies to the red directions on the map. if you want a not so sunny route, then I suggest you walk within the salcedo village with the map on hand. =)  
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