Monster Burger: The Must Know Burger for Burger Lovers!

July 28, 2012 Saturday, I brought a few friends to Salcedo Park to have lunch in the Food Market. There was only one stand in my mind I have been itching to get a taste – those giant burgers Monster Burgers serves!

Monster Burger offers quarter pounders and half pounder burgers, and being a burger enthusiast (please see.. Big Brothers Burger Promo Announcement and Marc Wins 2012 BurgerKing WhopperEating Contest) I ordered the half pound burger with some mustard, Mayo, greens and ketchup, a little bit of everything for a mouth watery explosive taste.


 The Verdict:

The Burger looks small once packed because while they wrap the burger with paper they compress it.
Also their buns are small, I guess this is the substandard in the PH which is obviously; they just outsourced it from another company/supplier, I just wished it was bigger!

Not sure if this is bad, it looks bloody on the inside but it’s absolutely delicious! 

They didn’t use actual flamed charcoal grill to cook the burger which is understandable but the grill taste is just good enough. I finished mine in under 15 mins. Because it was heavenly delicious for me, Complemented with a watermelon shake from a nearby fruit stand.

·         My overall rating: 6.5 / 10
·         A bit pricey
·         The Authentic Grill taste is so so..
·         Meal is a bit small,  maybe some fries would be great

My Personal Burger Ranking
1.       Big Brother’s Burger
2.       TGI- Friday’s Jack Daniel’s half Pounder
3.       Army Navy Quarter Pounder
4.       Monster Burger ½ pounder
5.       Wham Bronco Burger
6.       Burger King’s Whopper Meal
7.       BBB Half Pound Burger
8.       McDonald’s Big Mac / De Lux Meal

And yes these are the only restaurants where I eat. 8/

 My MBA Classmates Enjoying their meal at Salcedo Park Makati