Uncle Moe's Shawarma, @ Maginhawa UP Village

Last weekend we went to Maginhawa Street Teacher’s Village near UP as we we’re originally planning to Go for a UP Circle run then eat at some Grilled BBQ place at the areas of "Maginhawa".

FYI ~ “Maginhawa” may sound like a sleazy beer house title. But Maginhawa Street is like the Emerging Tomas Morato of the areas of UP Village Quezon City. It’s wide streets are now lit up with bars and Grill restaurants, fine dining restaurants, classy Italian restaurants and high end burger joints.

We wanted to drink that night and experience a not-so-usual food choice so we ended up going to Uncle Moe’s Shawarma Hub as my friend Feo highly recommends their menu.

To our surprise, since Uncle Moe’s is located on Malingap Street, more of a residential area, they now can’t serve beer as customers might bring in noisy drinking parties or drunk drive around the area or worst do some crimes against humanity. we ended up not drinking that night 8(

To me the food is really good and the service is really ok, but for it’s price, it’s serving is really small, as in "fast food small" but restaurant priced. In short it’s a bit unfair. And regards with their white sauce I think they’ve put too much water on their sauce to produce and serve more. I can’t really taste their white Shawarma sauce! Their beef is really nice, a bit oily but tastes perfect to me.
Overall I give Uncle Mo’s  a rating of 5/10.